HungAngels - Guide to TGirls and Transsexuals Rules

1. In order to access this forum you must be 18 years old (21 in some jurisdictions) or older.

2. This forum is aimed at transgenders, transsexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, friends of and those who have an interest in them. If this offends you then that's your issue, this forum is not a place to deal with it or bring your issues onto the board. Anybody found to be attacking any member for their personal lifestyle or sexual choices will be removed from the forum, anybody addressing a transgender as a "he" will be removed from the forum, anybody who has issues with persons because of their dating, relationship or sexual preferences with transgenders or others, may be removed from the forum. It is the moderators decision to give you a fair warning, or to delete and ban you immediately.

3. Frank discussions about race, religion, nationality are allowed as is the distinction between humor, parody and other levity. Anybody found to have a main agenda of promoting any form of hate to a race, religion, nationality or any other group of people may be banned. It is the moderators decision to give you a fair warning, or to delete and ban you immediately.

4. Models or escorts, may promote their own solo sites, dating profiles, links to their escort pages or their appearances in the signature or through posting. However, those who come here with the sole purpose of promoting and who do not participate in the main forum may only post in the personals or spammers forums. Models may not use affiliate encoded links to any sites OTHER than ones that they own. Models may not promote other websites other than their own, with the exception of showing a scene they have appeared in.

5. Models get FREE links to their websites from their signatures or posts. Links to other sites may have HungAngels promotional codes attached.

6. No links are allowed to any tube sites or any form of stolen content sites. No advertising links are allowed to promotion sites or pay sites - direct links to some sites are allowed for the purpose of showing an example. Some site participants are allowed to show/link to their own paysites or resource sites. Anybody found spamming or signature whoring, will have their links deleted or banned.

7. Certain keywords will have HungAngels promotional codes attached. Anybody trying to circumvent those codes, will be banned. If you are a model, with your own site and are having a problem with this, then contact us directly.

8. EVENT PROMOTERS. You may start your own thread. You may create a thread for each event. You may NOT hijack other promoters event threads and you may not promote the same event twice. You may only bump your thread with relevant updates. Anybody found to be using multiple usernames or employing "friends" to bump any form of promotion may be banned. Use common sense and courtesy and you will find this a great place to promote but have some respect.

9. Absolutely no multiple identities are permitted unless approved.

This forum should be an informative, safe and inclusive place for transgenders of all types and their friends. Please use courtesy, respect and manners. If you have a problem with a post, please report it via the link on the post, in the first instance. If you feel you are getting harassed or bullied by another member, please provide copies of text at