View Full Version : Unable to upload images from IPhone

06-18-2016, 04:36 PM
Hi, I'm posting this question here on the advice of Laphroaig, I hope someone can offer advice.
Having tried a few different key word searches I'm unable to find anyone else asking about this matter which is surprising considering how many people use IPhones.
Basically there are no options to upload images from your phone when using the mobile version of H.A., I am using Safari browser on iPhone 5 but have also downloaded Firefox and checked using that too, same outcome.
There is no Image Upload icon, only options to reply to thread, reply with quote and subscribe to thread. When using the Advanced option when replying to a thread there does not seem to be any image uploading option either.
(Likewise I also cannot see options for bold, italics, font size, etc which Laphroaig assures me there should be)
Any help or advice on how to upload an image from iPhone (if it is actually possible) would be much appreciated.
Thanks very much.