Interracial Hungangel Sex with Retro and Nikki

October 24, 2011

Nikki loves messing around with horny chocolate guys and in this Interracial Trannie Sex scene she gets down and dirty with her mocha lover Retro. Retro loves hot Latina t-girls since they tend to be very nasty and will try anything new. Retro is feeling like he would truly enjoy having a hard Hungangel cock deep in his asshole. Nikki is just the t-gal for this. She also comes prepared with her special dildo and Retro is excited to begin filming. Once the director yells “action!” Nikki wastes little time and begins working on Retro and he loves it. Nikki eases him into it with a good t-girl cocksucking, which is then followed by a thorough dildo booties fucking. Nikki sure knows how to ravage a hot and horny chocolate guy!

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